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3 SHOCKING truths about collision repair:​

No laws protect you from getting unsafe repair

There is no government oversight.​

No license or training is required by law.

Anybody can claim to be a technician and fix cars.

Unsafe repair can hide under shiny paint.

You can't see unsafe hacked up repairs from the outside.

Don't assume all body shops care about your safe repair! (They don't).

Why Choose Osgar's Autobody?

Repair You Can Trust

Osgar's Auto Body focuses on doing the right repair with safety as the priority. There is the correct way and a wrong way to fix your vehicle after it has been in a collision. Sometimes quick fixes are made to save money or reduce the price of an estimate, but here at Osgar's Auto Body we always follow the safest protocols so that you can have peace of mind for you and your passengers.

Correct Manufacturer Approved Repair

We fix cars according to manufacturer recommendations using manufacturer specific tools- no guesswork!

Quick Repairs

Our partnerships with all insurance companies ensure your car will be repaired swiftly.

It only takes a few moments for a second opinion

With so much at stake with your repair, why wouldn't you take a moment to get a free second opinion?